7th World Homeshare Congress​

Homeshare International is delighted to announce that the 7th World Homeshare Congress – originally planned for 2021 but delayed due to Covid-19 – is going ahead. It will take place May 25-26, 2023 at Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland hosted by local organisation THE HomeShare, and supported by Ireland’s Department of Health.

The opening reception will take place on Wednesday May 24th with congress sessions on Thursday May 25th and Friday 26th May 2023. Enjoy the Gala dinner on the night of Thursday 25th May.

Dublin Castle

Founder and CEO of THE HomeShare Lucie Cunningham says, “We believe Ireland is well placed to host this exciting event. It will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Ireland as the Irish Government is among the first in the world to incorporate the Homeshare model into its policy development.
THE HomeShare looks forward to welcoming our peers from around the world to share ideas and celebrate the resilience of Homeshare“.

Homeshare is resilient to meet the needs of local populations; the support provided through Homeshare can increase people’s resilience. We look forward to enjoying Irish hospitality as we celebrate Homeshare resilience!

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